Community Integration

How does America’s Warrior Partnership benefit veterans and affiliate communities?

Community Integration, the signature program of America’s Warrior Partnership, is a proven method that provides the tools and means to implement a fully customized program for any community that will be responsive to the veterans living in it. This program is designed to provide holistic care for both veterans and their families. This results in a multitude of benefits to the veterans and the organization implementing the program.

America’s Warrior Partnership does not work directly with veterans, rather it works with affiliate communities to provide a framework for service that both meets veteran need and enhances the affiliate community’s stature. Though any organization – from industry to government to nonprofit – may implement Community Integration, nonprofits often find the program most helpful due to the transparency that results from its use.

The competitive nature of grant funding demands that nonprofits show goals and outcomes as well as financial stability. The tracking tools and operating standards provided by America’s Warrior Partnership make audits easy. In fact, one benefit of becoming an affiliate community is an audit completed by America’s Warrior Partnership, which often is all that is necessary to complete other audits required by funders or supervising agencies. These tools increase organizational capacity as well as increasing efficiency so that more veterans are served.

America’s Warrior Partnership does more than just give a veteran a job or a vacation, it creates a viable community for veterans where they live and work. It creates a local leader equipped to handle any problem and dedicated to doing so. Finally, it strengthens the community itself by establishing collaborations and partnerships that will benefit veterans for years to come.