America’s Warrior Partnership Joins Got Your 6 Veteran Empowerment Coalition

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America’s Warrior Partnership, a national nonprofit that empowers communities to empower veterans, has today announced that it has joined the Veteran Empowerment Coalition of Got Your 6. Got Your 6 is an organization that brings together nonprofits, government agencies, and Hollywood in order to achieve widespread social change through collective impact. The Veteran Empowerment Coalition comprises 34 world class organizations that serve as the campaign’s subject matter experts and work with entertainment industry partners to drive strategic objectives.


“Joining the Got Your 6 Veteran Empowerment Coalition is an ideal fit for America’s Warrior Partnership,” said America’s Warrior Partnership President Jim Lorraine. “Our missions align perfectly – each with a focus on empowering veterans and the communities where they live. Together, we will focus on a stronger collective impact; thus, we welcome the opportunity to work in unison with the coalition.”


Got Your 6 refers to a military phrase which means, “I’ve got your back.” Others joining Got Your 6 and America’s Warrior Partnership include Service to School, Travis Manion Foundation, and the Warrior-Scholar Project. These nonprofit partners have the ability to leverage their networks to enhance the work each organization is accomplishing on the ground.


“The power of collective impact is a crucial tenet of both Got Your 6 and America’s Warrior Partnership”, according to Megan Bunce, director of government and community affairs for America’s Warrior Partnership, “through collaboration, we have the opportunity to address issues jointly and showcase veterans as civic assets which in turn strengthens communities as a whole.”


America’s Warrior Partnership empowers communities through a process of granting, mentoring, and providing leadership.  Its community integration program, educational offerings and other resources are available through nonprofit collaborations and contracts with other entities.


Click here to see the other partners of the Coalition.




For more information, please contact Lori Noonan, Director of Development and Marketing at or 706-524-2821.

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