A Special Forces Medic Finds Success through Tierney Center

America's Warrior Partnership Affiliate Success Stories

(Highlight: Tierney Center for Veteran Services at Goodwill OC) Josh was referred to the Tierney Center by a Veterans Resource Center (VRC) Manager for Coastline Community College. Josh is a post-9/11 Army Veteran who served as a Special Forces Medic. He suffered from an extreme Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with limited mobility and work capabilities. Josh was enrolled in courses at Coastline Community College but his post-9/11 GI bill benefits were held back for months due to a clerical error. To make matters worse, he also lost his job at the local REI and found himself in a financial crisis.

Josh, being a resourceful green beret, had already done the leg work with the VRC Manager to get his post-9/11 GI bill clerical error fixed to receive his stipend for school. However, this error combined with the
loss of his job resulted in Josh not having money for his rent. To further complicate the situation, Josh was renting a room in a house where his name was not on the residential lease agreement. As a result, this disqualified him for Supportive Services for Veterans and
Families (SSVF). The Tierney Center reached out to their sub-grantee, Volunteers of America’s Battle Buddy Bridge, to coordinate a plan with Josh. Battle Buddy Bridge and the Tierney Center combined funds to cover the overdue rent and keep Josh in his home
with the understanding that in time, Josh would be able pay rent on his own. Josh is still active with the Tierney Center and comes to every Veteran Business Network mixer. Josh currently trains service animals for veterans like himself. He usually brings us a new furry recruit to meet.