Highlight: Palmetto Warrior Connection

America's Warrior Partnership Affiliate Success Stories

Tisha McCollum is a Navy Veteran who served from 1991-1995. Tisha was discharged from the Navy in 1995 and went to work as an insurance agent for 6 years, then worked for a financial institution and in the cosmetology industry. When a long term relationship ended, Tisha became the sole provider for her four children. With two of the children in college and two other teen-agers to support, Tisha began to struggle to make ends meet. In addition to the financial struggles, Tisha also grappled with the mental health of her two children at home, one with ADHD and the other with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as her own issues with depression, PTSD and her transition to civilian life. These struggles overwhelmed Trisha, and she and her children found themselves homeless. Trisha was able to receive help through SSVF (Supportive Services for Children and Families) and the VA HUDVASH program; through these programs she and her family moved into an apartment. Initially, she was responsible for the entire rental amount, until the program kicked in and provided relief. In October of 2016, Hurricane Matthew came through Tisha’s hometown of Charleston, SC. Mandatory evacuation protocol resulted in the family having to pay for a hotel room and food, causing a financial hardship for them. Tisha reached out to PWC for assistance and was helped by Housing Advocate, John Myers. Mr. Myers contacted community groups who help with utility and water bills. When asked about the impact of PWC assistance, Tisha stated that she feels more relieved, relaxed and motivated since PWC was able to help her to get back on track with her bills. She feels “hopeful and grateful” that she will find her way to success and is thankful that PWC was able to clear a path for her to make improvements in her life for herself and her children. Tisha said “I’m not where I want to be as far as success but I am on my way and thanks to you (PWC) my vision is a little more clear to know that help is out there and that there are people out there who care about people like me.”