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Until recently, Michael, a medically discharged Army veteran, had a well-paying job. He then developed a medical condition with one of his legs and faced the possibility that his leg may be amputated. His illness caused him to lose his job and the family’s sole source of income. The family rapidly fell behind on their bills, including their rent, and they received an eviction notice from their landlord. In addition, Michael had the additional expense of traveling to Miami to see a specialist for treatment for his leg.

Michael and his wife went to several organizations to request assistance but were unsuccessful with their quest to find help. They came to our satellite office in Milton, Florida on July 11th. Our team sat down with the warrior and his wife and listened to his story. We assisted him with obtaining SSVF funds to pay their past due rent and utilities, as well as car repairs so they would be safer when driving to Miami for the veteran’s mandated medical treatment with the specialist.

In addition, we made an appointment for him to review healthcare coverage and see if his leg could be treated somewhere more convenient than Miami. We also provided information on several resource suggestions and relief societies. Michael’s wife, who had been crying since they walked in our door, calmed down when she realized that 90Works employed a “wraparound care” process so that they could get the help they really needed.

In September, we successfully connected the warrior to housing and other assistance for when he is in Miami receiving medical treatment. The warrior is currently in Miami and sent communication back to 90Works to thank all involved in his case.

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