Highlight: Palmetto Warrior Connection

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This Navy Veteran didn’t stop serving when he transitioned out of the military after being a Boatswain’s Mate for 5 years; instead, he served domestically as a firefighter and paramedic for 18 years. “When I was in the Navy, I had considered crossing over from Boatswain’s Mate to Corpsman and had actually done the material to move to the school… starting the EMT program, that was almost seamless,” said Brett about his military to civilian transition.

Brett went to college and earned his bachelor’s degree in biblical studies while working as a firefighter and paramedic. After working at a hospital for about 7 years, he began furthering his education and working on a degree as a registered nurse, “Considering working on the RN degree, it just seemed like the natural progression of things.” Unfortunately, something happened with the school he was attending; it lost its accreditation, and the program ended.

Again, Brett was faced with another transition to make. After what happened with the college, “it kind of soured everything, and after 20- something-plus years in the medical field … I was tired, just looking for a change in program and in scenery, and that’s what led me to this direction – Palmetto Warrior Connection and the Veterans for Manufacturing Training.”

Brett was accepted into the program and through the support of PWC was successful in completing the program and obtaining stable income in a field he enjoys.