Highlight: Upstate Warrior Solution

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The VA in Anderson County has been working with a disabled veteran
for several years. This veteran had cancer at the time and had
already received surgery to correct this issue. UWS became involved
due to a serious driveway issue. The vet’s driveway was dirt
and had multiple large potholes, preventing home health from getting
to his house to provide care and supplies, including a medical bed.
The VA case manager requested that UWS help find a resource to
fix this driveway so that Home Health could take care of this veteran
after his surgery. The home health company agreed to take the case,
but they required that the driveway potholes be repaired. Due to
resources in the community and UWS relationship with a specific
contractor, a caring company agreed to repair potholes with two trucks
of gravel for free. This project was started the following day and
finished the day after. The VA was thrilled with this quick turnaround
and spoke with Home Health who was then able to provide the needed
care for this veteran.