Addressing Military Sexual Trauma in Our Communities

America's Warrior Partnership

Orange County California Update  

Over the last few months, the Community Action Team in Orange County has begun to discuss specific topics and how particular issues play out in this community. Together, we have touched upon important and vast topics, including Military Sexual Trauma, Military Identity Crises, and Community Resources. Understanding how to affect change through the space we have created together has been a learning process. Team members who are experts in their respective areas have been willing and enthusiastic to volunteer to educate the rest of the group and have led enlightening conversations. As we move forward, we are continuously streamlining the process of having these impactful conversations and later condensing them into actionable items. An example of one such instance was when we translated the topic of Military Sexual Trauma to an agreement between team members that related resources should be handed to every veteran who comes through any organization.  

Something worth highlighting was Dr. Hamner’s presentation at the Orange County Veteran’s and Military Families Collaborative quarterly meeting. As this is an essential networking piece of the Orange County community, we are excited about the increased awareness of our project and the new voices it will subsequently attract. – Zaynah Khan, Research Assistant