Community Partnerships Are Key to Veteran Suicide Prevention in Cincinnati and Central New York

America's Warrior Partnership

The following are community updates from the Cincinnati tristate area’s Katie Renner, and Central New York’s Mayling Rodriguez, the Community Research Assistants who support the Operation Deep Dive effort respectively:

Cincinnati Ohio Update

“Big news here in Cincinnati—We are excited to announce that we are now collaborating with Easter Seals as our community partner for Operation Deep Dive! Easter Seals is a vital community organization in our local community, especially for veterans. They provide military members, veterans, and their families with resources related to emergency services, employment, education, and job training. Scott Robinson, Director of Military and Veteran Services at Easter Seals and a veteran himself, will be serving as our project lead. We are so excited to have them on board!

As well, I attended the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Out of the Darkness walk in Cincinnati on October 13th. It was incredible to see our community come together to raise awareness about suicide and prevention, as well as to provide support to survivors of suicide in our local community. It also gave me the opportunity to spread the word about the study. For more information about AFSP events in your area, please visit their website!” -Katie Renner, Research Assistant

Katie Renner at the AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk on October 13, 2019

Central New York Update

Fall could not be more beautiful in Central New York. Our communities are becoming more plugged into our important work and making ever-more meaningful connections. The importance of connection was one take-away from the Warrior Community Integration Symposium in Atlanta September 4-6th. Appreciating the value and individual contributions of the Community Action Team is vital to the resiliency and success of the Operation Deep Dive study. We are thrilled to apply these lessons and have begun ramping up full engagement of community leaders throughout our five counties. Capturing a broader cross-section of stakeholders in our locality is important because it initiates more robust partnerships. We are excited to be engaging important stakeholders and creating more far-reaching webs of engagement.