Gearing up for Interviewing Survivors: Upstate/Greenville, SC Update

America's Warrior Partnership

As with the season, we are warming up to engage with survivors who have lost their beloved veterans to death by suicide.  We will be interviewing survivors to understand the lives of their loved ones and what specific challenges they faced in the last year to six months of their life. We will then look to see what kinds of community resources (formal and informal) they connected to, or that could have helped them. This will help us to identify places and moments in time where suicide prevention or intervention could take place for future veterans who are struggling. Upstate SC Community Action Team members have generously supported the community research assistant, Alice Yatsenyuk, through successful completion of two training events. The training curriculum enhanced knowledge of the Institutional Review Board processes and reiterated best practices for conducting interviews and engaging with survivors.   

The gauge of success for our Community Action Team and Upstate SC Operation Deep Dive currently relies upon how well we transition from the meeting table to delivering one on one components of the study to our survivors.  Our goal is to create an environment that is all-encompassing and conducive to supporting the survivors all the way through the interview process and beyond.  

We are looking forward to the hard work that this season is going to bring to Upstate SC Operation Deep Dive and to the connect with survivors of our hometown veterans. – Alice Yatsenyuk, Research Assistant