WarriorServe® is a reliable, cost effective and secure information system that streamlines the collection and analysis of critical Warrior information and allows communities to focus on providing a holistic solution for Warriors’ needs.

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:: Does not replace human interaction; simply enhances productivity

:: Allows communities to streamline data collection placing emphasis on providing services vs. data input

:: Allows for highly advanced data analysis at the touch of a button


Uses “support actions” to identify top donors, top events and Warriors that are participating in community events
:: Salesforce1® app allows advocates to conduct intake in the field and connect to WarriorServe® on the spot

:: Future releases will include web form that allows Warriors
to enter information/assistance requests from community
groups and partner organizations

:: Connects with major email marketing platforms; can
create campaigns directly from WarriorServe®  to maximize awareness


::WarriorServe® Partner Portal allows secure data sharing between Community Integration Organizations and key community partners

:: Custom case assignments within the organization and through the use of WarriorServe® Partner Portal

:: Email referral system is native to Salesforce


:: Warrior specific fields; minimizes user error by trying to fit data into an already off-the-shelf system

:: Unlimited solutions analytical at every prime point

:: Fully customizable dashboards and reports within Salesforce

Organizations Using WarriorServe®

WarriorServe® Customers

*All Affiliates and Affiliates in Development also utilize WarriorServe®

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